You High Rollers

In today’s age, it is extremely sad to see almost a third of the world struggling to access safe water at home. Water is needed to practice basic hygiene including washing hands regularly and other household needs including drinking, cleaning and cooking. Irrigating small-scale food gardens is critical to sustain families and encourage them to grow their own food while the severely affected economy recovers.

Carrying heavy 25-litre buckets of water multiple times per day is extremely difficult for the youth, elderly and disabled and increases their risk of injury (due to the heavy load) and infection every time they visit a water collection point.

Often it is simple solutions that have life changing impact. The water roller is a device used to carry 90l of water more easily and efficiently than traditional methods. This means that the number of trips to water sources will be reduced, saving time and stress carrying traditional cans.

Water is life! More water means a better quality of life, children are freed of daily duties of fetching water and instead can travel to school and gain better employment opportunities. Families can irrigate crops and generate income restoring dignity through improved health, hygiene and poverty alleviation.

The water roller is a game changer and is low maintenance with a sustainable design, lasting up to 7 years in tough conditions.

Please donate today and give the chance to some of the poorest in the world to get access to water!

Help us reach our target of 2000 rollers for 2000 needy families.

FACTS: 2.2 billion people still lack access to safe, readily available water at home UNICEF.

Worldwide, women and girls spend 200 million hours fetching water every day, wasting valuable time that could rather be spent on education and income opportunities. UNICEF