Help us to empower people out of poverty. For good.


​Everyone deserves the basic human rights they deserve.

When you give to Most in Need, you’ll help children and communities lift themselves out of poverty. At One Love Worldwide, we understand the impact of what happens when those with the greatest need have access to safe and clean drinking water, nutritious food, a chance for them to provide for themselves and access to health facilities.

Your donation to our Most in Need appeal has the power to save and change lives. It will allow One Love Worldwide to reach those in need far and wide and enable us to reach widows, orphans, the elderly and the vulnerable who are suffering due to the effects of poverty, drought, disaster and conflict.

Today, over 68 million people are currently displaced from their homes due to conflict and natural disasters. Hundreds of millions do not have access to clean water and go to sleep each night malnourished and hungry. Many more lack suitable shelter or protection from further harm.

One Love Worldwide works hard to focus on those in need in remote locations and rural areas to ensure that everyone receives the basic human rights they deserve. We support people who are in need of desperate help through access to water, food, education, sustainable livelihoods, shelter and access to health.

But we need your help to continue.

Monthly giving: the simple way to make your donations do more.

Monthly giving is the most effective way to help those that need it most.

It reduces costs and allows us to spend the vast majority of the donation to help those in need! More importantly, your donations will be delivering the right solution at just the right time. And while your gifts are changing lives, you’ll get to see the power of your generosity through regular updates on our website and social media platforms

Help us today and set up a direct debit to allow us to help those Most in Need.