Men’s Mental Health

Men’s Mental Wealth

Mental health problems can affect anyone. Often referred to as the Silent Killer, mental health does not discriminate regardless of age, gender, race or social background. However, it is discrimination and stigma that makes individuals apprehensive to opening up about their experiences and do the right thing by seeking help!

Mental health is viewed as another taboo subject acting as a barrier many find difficult to overcome, despite suffering in silence from feelings of sadness, loneliness and anxiety. For this reason, men are reluctant to seek support or disclose mental health problems to loved ones.

Many men suffer from mental health issues but countless choose to embrace it leading to very unhappy lifestyles and domestic problems.  As smaller problems begin to feel like a mountain of problems, men often get embroiled in crime and thoughts of suicide.

​Crime and imprisonment

It is clear that men make up the vast majority of the prison population. Mental health amongst men is on the increase and, with increasing rates of self-harm in prison, men in the prison system are in urgent need for mental health support.

The prison population is often forgotten, and long prison terms coupled with Mental health problems make it extremely difficult for men to recover and return to society with a positive mindset.


According to research carried out by the Office for National statistics, over three quarters of people who kill themselves are men

In 2017, 5,821 suicides were recorded in Great Britain, of these 75% were males

These are truly heart-breaking statistics and one must wonder why the mental health issue is not given the attention it really needs.

Minority communities including gay men, war veterans, men from BAME backgrounds, and those with low incomes have suffered the higher rates of suicide. The majority of middle aged men that have taken their own lives have done so because of the interaction of a range of complex factors including socioeconomic hardship, unemployment, relationship breakdown, and lack of social support, all of which are common risk factors for suicide.

Whatever the reason, suicide should never be contemplated as a route out of any problem!

​Men make up 95% of the prison population

(Reference: House of Commons Library)

72% of male prisoners suffer from two or more mental disorders

(Reference: Social Exclusion Unit)

One Love Worldwide is reaching out!

We believe Men’s Mental health must be addressed, highlighted and taken more seriously. This is why we are engaging with partners and experts countrywide to address this issue, tackle taboos and help find a pathway to normality for men.

We believe that access to counselling will help men share their pain and help experts better understand their issues to try and tailor solutions. Creative therapies can really help relax minds through more interaction with the right group of people.

We believe in investing in prevention projects to educate and support men to help keep them safe and provide them with the support and knowledge required to realise their full potential.


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1 in 8

In England, 1 in 8 men suffer from mental health problems

3 out of 4

The Office for National Statistics reported that just over three out of four suicides are by men and suicide is the biggest cause of death for men under 35


12.5% of men in the UK are suffering from one of the common mental health disorders

Only 36%

Men are less likely to access psychological therapies than women. Only 36% of referrals to IAPT (Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies) are men.