UK Homeless

According to the latest research by Shelter, 320,000 people living in the UK are homeless.

We need your support to help us achieve a country where everyone has a place to call home.

The ongoing financial crisis has only widened the net of poverty on the UK population with large numbers of homeless suffering from mental health issues. Research suggests that up to 5000 people bed down on the streets on any given night.

In March 2019, 84,750 households were said to be stuck in temporary accommodation. This figure is up 75% since December 2010. These figures only highlight registered cases and the true number remains uncertain as many people are struggling and staying with relatives, sofa surfing and sleeping in cars.

In 2019, 726 people died whilst homeless in England and Wales

One Love Worldwide is focusing on helping the homeless through a number of initiatives including helping provide a safe place to live and supporting mental health issues. 

In 2019, 726 people died whilst homeless in England and Wales

Give Monthly

£5 - Many of the homeless struggle with the basic necessities. Your donation will help us facilitate the homeless with needs such as a toothbrush, a towel, soaps and hand sanitisers or clean bed sheets

£15 – the equivalent of under 50p per day can sponsor a room to give homeless people the stability and support they need. A room means independence, warmth and security

£30 – Independence allows the homeless the best way to remain off the streets. Your donation could fund essential life skills to help young people into employment.

One-off donation


£15 – Many homeless people have struggled to get a good sleep for many months due to rough sleeping coupled with dangerous weather patterns. Help us to help the homeless have a safe and warm place to stay

£50 – your donation will provide the homeless with a survival kit. This includes clothes, soaps and sanitisers, a toothbrush, a towel. Help transform a life

£120 – Homelessness affects the mental state of individuals leading to many other challenges. Help a homeless person gain access to mental health support