Transparency and accountability

We are committed to meeting international standards in transparency and accountability. By adopting a rights-based approach and principles, we ensure that all stakeholders involved have a voice and make an active contribution to planning, implementation and evaluation of our work.

Much of our work is carried out serving those most in need. We therefore place particular emphasis in the integration of human accountability standards in all of our work.

We promise to be transparent and accountable in all of our work and our programme and impact reporting system helps monitor the progress being made against our goals.   We are committed to publish all of our data in our annual report.

We are committed to being accountable to all of our stakeholders ensuring that  information is shared in a transparent way or, when some requests are deemed difficult due to legal or sensitive reasons, provide an explanation.

Reporting harassment, abuse, sexual exploitation and discrimination:

Many times, those suffering from a range of abuse are reluctant to come forward and report the matter. We are focused and committed to creating an environment where people feel safe to come forward with abuse claims. We take any reports extremely seriously and promise to protect victims as well as witnesses.

We believe that any stakeholder has the right to raise a complaint, have that addressed and receive an adequate response. We also define accountability as being responsible, being able to listen and explain whilst taking in perspectives of others on how well we are meeting our commitments. We then actively make changes and improvements on those issues that require it.