The Unseen Campaign

​Very often the media plays an active role in influencing the donors decisions by highlighting disasters and conflicts over a sustained period of time. The media has serious power and this is evermore apparent when they cover stories on certain disasters over  a limited period, often when disasters or conflicts first arise.

News coverage like this is very positive and means that charities are provided with a great platform to raise funds and try and get help to those affected.

But what happens after a few weeks when media outlets move on to other stories? Devastation caused by natural disasters is so destructive that it takes many years for countries to recover. Essentially the people are left to suffer for a very long time.

…And what about those that are suffering but have no media attention? What about those who have been stuck in internal conflicts for decades but because there are no forums highlighting the issues, continue to suffer? And what about those who are suffering but are considered low priority?

We believe that we should not judge people according to just what is portrayed on TV screens. We know that there are many millions of people in the UK and all around the world that are suffering and feel that there is no hope.

The Unseen campaign was launched to allow One Love Worldwide to provide much needed help and support to those that need it most. We believe that nobody should be allowed to suffer in silence. We believe that it is our duty to help the most vulnerable people.

Please donate to this campaign so that we can get essential help to those that are suffering in silence. Your donations will allow us to help those that are in desperate need of help.

We will not let people suffer alone. We want them to know that we will help make a positive contribution to as many lives as possible!

Donate today and help change lives!