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At One Love Worldwide we believe that the best way out of poverty is education.

Sponsor an orphan today and help transform the lives of the poorest communities in the world. Sponsoring an orphan child will mean that the child that you choose to sponsor will have access to education, essential health care, food on a daily basis and a safe environment for the child to prosper.

You will be able to write a letter to your sponsored orphan, share photos and receive annual reports on the progress of your sponsored orphan.

Sponsoring an orphan will provide hope and an opportunity that otherwise would be denied.

Sponsor an Orphan Child
for just £25 per month

How your sponsorship will support an orphan

Seven year old Hawa lives in a remote village in Mali. She’s a happy little girl who loves to sing. Thanks to our child sponsorship program, her future is looking bright.

Hawa now has the opportunity chance to go to school because she can now afford an education. Hawa is becoming healthy because she now has access to food, safe drinking water and access to health care. Hawa and her community are less at risk of getting sick with diseases spread by dirty water.

And all this has been made possible with the support of our incredible donors.

Connect with your sponsored Orphan

As soon as you sign up to sponsor a child, you will be sent a welcome pack with a photo of your sponsored child and details about the child.

You will be sent annual updates and photos including a school report on the progress your sponsored child is making.  You will also have the opportunity to send letters and photos to your sponsored child creating a strong bond as you transform the life of the poorest.

Child Protection Policy

Ensuring that children are safe is our top priority. We have established systems in place to make sure that the sponsored child that we are working with is protected.  For example any letters, photos and drawings that are sent to the sponsored child are screened by our trained staff and volunteers both here at HQ and also by our field teams.

Any sponsors who choose to visit the orphan that they are sponsoring will be accompanied by our staff when they visit the community.

In addition we take crucial steps in ensuring that children are protected through stringent background checks before anyone is recruited to work with children.

Sponsoring an orphan will create a unique personal connection between you and an orphan in one of the developing countries where we work.

Your donations will go toward providing the basics that every child needs so they’ll be more likely to grow up healthy and happy.

Change a life today!

Sponsor an Orphan today!