Major Donors

Major donors are extremely important to us. Along with trusts and foundations, they help us achieve our major goal of alleviating poverty for the poor and needy around the world.

They help us implement large projects with high impact and help sustain our projects for many years to come. The impact is clear – improved health conditions, access to education, improved nourishment, better livelihoods and a prosperous future.

Become a Major Donor

At One Love Worldwide, a major donor is any individual, group of people, company, organisation, trusts and foundations who donate more than £3000.00 helping in our mission towards helping those in need.

We will work with you to share with you our work across many humanitarian interventions and countries. We will also look into your needs and requirements and help create a project that is bespoke and personal to you.

Our dedicated Major giving team will provide individual feedback that will be completely personal to your donation. The feedback will show pictures of where your funds are being spent and the impact it has had in the field.

Some of our donors will also have the opportunity to visit projects in the field so that they are able to see for themselves the positive change their donation is making in the chosen country.

Make a difference!

We are very proud of the impact we have had in the field and this would never be possible without your generous support. Without your support, we would not have the resources or solutions to be able to reach the poor and needy.

Please come forward and speak to our dedicated team about how we can work together for a common cause in helping humanity. We will introduce you to all of our projects and appeals to which you can contribute, or if you have a specific requirement, contact us so that we can create a project that suits your needs.

Please email us today for further details.