In Stitches

Some of the world’s poorest have survived on decades of handouts from generous donors.
However, what they would really love is a life of dignity and respect.

At One Love Worldwide we believe that the world’s poorest should be given the opportunity to be able to provide for themselves.

This is what people from all over the world are longing for so that they can help themselves out of poverty.

Your donation will mean that the very needy will be provided with a sewing machine, cotton, cloth to get started and 3 months of training. Once training is completed, they will get to keep the machine and start to thrive!
Please help provide that opportunity that the world’s poorest so desperately seek.

Please help us reach our target of providing vocational training for 1000 women in Mali over the course of a year.

Your donation of £120 will help inject a new lease of life for the people of the developing countries.

A business in tailoring is a thriving business which enables people to sew clothes for family members (including school uniforms for their children) whilst sewing for others provides a much needed income.