Message of thanks

We are totally committed to eradicating poverty around the world, but our work wouldn’t be possible without your incredible support.

When you make a donation, sponsor a child, purchase a charity gift or fundraise for One Love Worldwide, you open up a world of opportunity for the poor and needy, so they can find a way out of poverty through our various initiatives.

Helping the poor and needy is the most amazing gift. And in return, we promise to maintain the highest standards of accountability to you, the children and communities we work with.

Many thanks for your support

Needless to say that none of our work would be possible without the help of our supporters including individuals who donate directly to us or take part in fundraising events, campaigns, corporates and institutions. Individual supporters are the nucleus of our organisation and provide the essential foundations needed for us to reach the very needy.

Funds raised from corporates and institutions are often restricted funds towards a certain type of project. Individual supporters allow us the flexibility to access ‘unrestricted’ funds, which means we can spend this money where the need is greatest. These ‘unrestricted’ funds also underpin all our work by filling gaps in ‘restricted’ funding and enabling us to deliver programmes and projects that meet the needs of vulnerable people and communities.

We must appreciate and thank you and express how truly grateful we are to the many individuals, agencies, trusts and other organisations whose donations make our work possible.

Our Commitment

We aim to fundraise responsibly and make the following commitment to our supporters:

We will always remain transparent; we will always be clear on all of our projects, where your money is spent and make our accounts public

We will always respect your privacy; we will not unnecessarily contact you and if you prefer not to be contacted by certain methods please let us know

We will always protect your data; we will not share, sell or swap your personal details with any other organisation

We will share stories of how your support is helping to change lives of the poor and needy for the better

We will always be honest with you. We will face challenges but we will let you know

We are accountable to the people we reach through your support; we will ensure that those people and communities who the funds are donated for is accounted for