Fundraise locally

None of the work that we are doing around the world would be possible without your support.

There are a number of ways in which people support us right the way from individual donations, setting up monthly direct debts through to arranging fundraising events.

Here are some ways you can fundraise locally:

Organise your own event

​One of the most common ways to fundraise is to organise your own fundraising event. There are many tried and tested methods that work including car boot sales, garage clearance, music events, baking cakes, car washes and local auctions.

People are more and more inclined to using social media as a way of advertising local events and networking. This can easily be used to advertise your event and raise awareness of the cause you are fundraising for.

Sponsored Activities

Another common way of raising money is by organising a sponsored activity. Again, this is a tried and tested method and you can quite easily take up a challenge and raise some funds towards the cause that is closest to your heart.

Examples of success stories have been sponsored cycling, swimming, fasting for a day, bungee jump, marathon runs and mountain climbs. Whatever you decide on, all you will need is an idea and a sponsorship form.

You can start a fundraising page or contact us for a sponsorship card.

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Join in our scheduled collections

​We organise collections across UK throughout the year and would really appreciate your support.

​Get to know your local community whilst making a difference in the world’s poorest countries. You don’t need experience and you will be supervised by one of our team.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, please email us for more information.