General Emergencies

Over the last decade we have witnessed more and more emergencies around the world. Sadly, we know that there will be many more emergencies to come, especially with the drastic changes in climate. That’s why we have setup the Emergency Fund, so that with your support, we will have the funds to act as swiftly as possible and try to get some emergency aid to  those that need it most.

When the emergency hits we start to mobilise our teams to carry out needs assessments and try and provide much needed aid at the first opportunity. We help communities rebuild in the medium and longer term through many humanitarian interventions hoping to support communities for months after an emergency happens.

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£10 per month will help contribute towards emergency relief the moment an emergency first occurs

£25 per month will help contribute towards food and water in emergencies

£90 one off will pay for a family food parcel which will feed a family of 5 for a month

£120 one off will provide clean safe drinking water to a family

£350 one off will provide Shelter and food for vulnerable families

Current Appeals

Syria Emergency

Yemen Emergency

COVID-19 Emergency Response