Donate Just one pound

Donate One pound! Your one pound donation will make a real difference. It really will!

Many people believe that they cannot give enough to make a real difference. This argument is somewhat similar to the argument people make when it comes to voting. Try telling a political party that your vote doesn’t matter!

At One Love Charity we believe that we all have the power to make a difference and influence change. In fact the majority of donations are from individuals.

No matter how insignificant you think one pound is, your donation is of substantial importance to those people suffering in developing countries. For many of these people one pound can be life changing.

Imagine if all those that you know also donated one pound. Imagine the potential.

Your one pound makes a lot of difference especially when combined with everyone else’s!

Every minute 3 vulnerable chidlren will die from water-borne diseases caused by drinking dirty water. Help us to provide clean and safe drinking water to eradicate these diseases and save lives.

Every day more than 20 thousand people die from hunger. Help us to provide nutritious food so that those suffering can have another chance!

You can help make a real difference! All this and much more and it all begins with a £1.

Get involved

Host an event by getting together with your friends and family, work colleagues or even your local school. All in all, everyone’s small change added together can make a big difference in the lives of those that need it most. Need some ideas? How about:

An event for families and friends:

Think of something fun to do. Be creative and think of your strengths. Do you enjoy baking cakes? Get busy in the kitchen and sell to your colleagues for a £1 a slice. It’s a recipe for success!

An Event for your local school:

Talk to your local school about holding a “one pound day” event. Think of a cause that you want to raise funds for and then engage the children with activities concerning that field. For example, carrying a small bucket of water around the playground to resemble the vast distances that the needy have to travel to access water.

Raising money is educational and a meaningful action and helps young people develop a great understanding and a range of valuable skills

An event at work:

A one pound day at work! Simple ideas often have great impact.

How about every time someone drinks water at work they pay one pound? Throw water balloons at your boss for £1 a go and every time someone has a beverage they pay £1.  Loads of fun!

Make a donation today. £1 really does go a long way!