COVID-19 Emergency Response

​Help us protect vulnerable people during this unprecedented time as Corona virus spreads rapidly throughout the world

Many of the countries we focus our efforts on have weak health systems and lack resources in dealing with everyday challenges. COVID-19 has bought a new challenge altogether and could have detrimental implications on those people who are least prepared with very few resources to cope with this pandemic.

Given the impact of the pandemic on developed countries, with thousands dead and tens of thousands in hospitals, the pandemic will have devastating consequences for densely populated countries with a lack of personal protective equipment and testing resources.

One Love Worldwide is responding

Drawing on our experience and expertise in mobilising communities, teaching and training of local health workers to help treat people in remote areas, will mean that we are well placed to assist in this global battle to eradicate the pandemic.

COVID-19 is spreading at a very rapid rate and is threatening to pose a serous danger to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities

Covid – 19 Response Mali

Covid – 19 Response The Gambia

Currently we are working with our field teams on COVID-19 prevention and response. We are working with local authorities to ensure that all work is well coordinated in providing access to safe and clean drinking water, sanitation and keeping clean, food for the isolated communities, community awareness and healthcare worker training

We really need your help!

We would love your help to ensure that all of our field teams who are on the front line, are fully trained and well equipped to be able to help those that truly need it without having to worry about their own lives also.

Your donation will help us save lives.

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COVID-19 Emergency response

Corona virus is posing a deadly threat to the most vulnerable communities in the world

£90 pays for an Emergency Food Parcel which could provide a family food for a month

£40 pays for Personal Protective Equipment for our health workers and most vulnerable people

£25 pays for basic testing and medicines to equip people with a chance to fight the virus