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Payroll giving

Payroll giving is an easy and efficient way for employees to donate to One Love Worldwide directly from their salaries.

Payroll giving is an easy method to set up and allows employees to donate to One Love Worldwide directly from their salary, whilst reducing our administration costs and thus, benefiting those who need our help most. By donating a fixed amount from your monthly salary you can make a big difference.

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It’s simple to set up.  Get in touch with your Accounts Dept and pass on our bank details.  Set up a direct debit and you will become a monthly One Love Worldwide donor and start to make a huge difference to those in need. It really is that easy!

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If you would like to find out more about payroll giving or other staff donation initiatives please get in touch

Partner with us

We are always looking for partnerships with the private sector because we understand the significant impact such partnerships can make. When we partner with companies, we ensure that the results are apparent amongst all stakeholders especially your business and the beneficiaries.

Are you Interested in getting your company involved?

Let’s Explore opportunities

At One Love Worldwide we have a dedicated team who will help identify the perfect project with shared values and help engage your company’s employees

Allow us to explain the type of work we are involved in

Our dedicated team will explain to your employees about all the work we are carrying out globally and types of interventions involved

Identify the perfect project for you

Our dedicated team will look at the mission, and values of your organisation. This will help us identify a project and then we will propose a project to you which coincides with your company’s objectives.

Staff fundraising

Staff fundraising is a great way of raising funds for the most needy. It is equally important and used amongst leading organisations as a way of motivating staff, boosting morale, a great team building initiative and a way of making a real difference in the lives of the world’s most poorest.

Take on a challenge

Outdoor activities are a great way of building team morale and encouraging team building. Try one of our many challenges throughout the year and help make a difference!

Create your own fundraising event

You can always create a fundraising event of your own! From selling cakes, car boots to coffee mornings and beyond – please get in touch and let us support your efforts in whatever fundraising event you have in mind!

Some companies match your donations!

Some companies will match their employees’ charitable donations. Please speak to your company to see if they will match your donations and then contact us for any information you may require.

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Let us know if we can support your company’s fundraising initiative.

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